OrmeSat bringing high speed Broadband into rural areas
You can now get upto 20 Mb download and upto 6 Mb upload on all our
SES & Tooway packages!

Tooway & SES Explained

Finally living in a rural area doesn’t mean you have to suffer with a poor Internet connection or in many cases no Internet availability at all. With Tooway your broadband speed is guaranteed wherever you live and no phone line is needed for it to work.

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Welsh Assembly Grants

Helping individuals, businesses and communities in Wales to connect to fast broadband in rural areas where it was previously impossible. If you have less than 2Mbps at present you will qualify for the full grant up to £1,000.

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Great Packages

Tooway have recently upgraded the packages and is now even faster, Check our prices. We have a range of prices to suit all your requirements.

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