Buy your Broadband Package

OrmeSat bringing High Speed Broadband into Rural Areas

You can buy your Tooway System for £299.99

Plus one installation option from below:

Option 1

I want my Tooway System installed with standard installation for £124.99.

Option 2

I will install my own Tooway System with the self installation pack £49.99.

Installation kit includes; cable, connectors, sealer and an instructional installation DVD and includes UK mainland delivery

Option 3

I will be asking a local engineer to install my Tooway System so just require delivery £29.99.

Additional Equipment

Standard N type Ethernet Router £49.99

Netgear N type  Ethernet Router £79.99

Standard Wireless Adapter £18.49

Netgear Wireless Adapter £33.99 (an adapter is required if your PC/Laptop is not wireless enabled)

Router Extender £92.99

Wireless EZVIEW+ EX Full HD And VGA Wireless HDMI PC to TV Streamer (Allows you to watch all types of media from your PC/Laptop onto your HD TV) £115.00