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We have quite a few different businesses and organisations using OrmeSat’s services.

Here are links to some of them:

Snowdonia National Park  Authority | Brand Pool Ltd | Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue | Barnwell Parker Geoscience Ltd  | Bodysgallen Hall and Spa | Shell Island Ltd | CHRONOTRACK UK LTD  | Centre for Alternative Technology  | Charity Limited (CAT) | Castle Marinas Limited |  Egdon Resources plc  |  vogt solar ltd

Other Services Available  Nationwide:

Construction Sites: Solar Panel Farms – Oil Exploration – Roads

The Tooway and SES satellite broadband systems are ideal for construction sites that have to have a reliable Internet connection.










The System can be set up very easily either on a ground mount or on top of the site office as shown in the photo.

The system is portable in that it can be moved onto your next construction project. This means you don’t have to

worry if the location of your next project has reliable 3G/4G availability

Nationwide Services:

  • SES Satellite Broadband systems: offering comparable speeds to the Tooway system – the key benefits to SES are:
    • It offers the joint fastest download speed 20 Mb, and a fast upload speed of 2 Mb
    • It offers a truly UNLIMITED data tariff – the SES Pro UNLIMITED
    • A fixed, public UK IP address ideal for downloading UK content or streaming video
    • FreeZone UNLIMITED off-peak data available as a bolt-on option on all tariffs*
    • Innovative FUP reset option means heavy users can reset their data allowance as many times as they like for 50% of their basic airtime tariff

    Service only currently available in England, Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland at the moment.

  • Communal Systems for apartment blocks, the system can be designed to give an aerial and dual satellite feed (to enable a Sky+ Box) plus wireless broadband to each unit.
  • Tooway Broadband Systems installed with site wide WiFi for company and client use specifically for Construction Sites, Caravan/Camp Sites Marinas and Narrow Boat users.
  • VoIP Phones – Would you like to save yourself lots of money on your home phone number and your mobile calls? You can easily cut your land-line and mobile calls by over 60% per month! The way you can do it is quite simple; it’s using VoIP (voice over internet protocol). If you’re not familiar with this term here’s a quick explanation of how it works and how it can save you money and completely change the way you think about home and mobile telephony. Instead of connecting a phone to your BT phone socket you connect a VoIP into your broadband router, the VoIP phone looks very similar to a normal land-line phone. Once connected you make calls exactly as you normally would. When you order a VoIP phone you have a number of options available to you. You can ask me to provide you with a completely new number and you can have virtually any STD dial code you want. If you live in the Llandudno area you may want a number starting with 01492, or Rhyl area 01745. Also unlike land-line phones you don’t have to live in the area to have the STD code you want, if you’d like you could have a 0800 number instead or as well. Another option you have is to “port” or bring your existing land-line number over to us, it’s just the same as when you change from one mobile provider to another you can keep your existing mobile number. Now here’s the really clever bit about VoIP; once you have your number working over the Internet you can use your ‘smart’ mobile phone to make and receive calls using this number as long as you have a 3G or WiFi connection on your mobile. I personally have a VoIP phone number with a 01492 STD code, and I have my IPhone. So if you call me on this number and I’m in Spain (or anywhere in the World); as long as my phone can connect to the Internet my IPhone will ring and I can take the call. Conversely I can be abroad and call you back on my IPhone and your caller display will show you that a 01492 number is calling you. Now I think that’s really clever!
  • VoIP and Tooway working together  – Because VoIP phones work through the Internet, further savings can be made once you have your Tooway System working because your BT line will be obsolete. Indeed once you’ve moved your number over to us you can cancel your BT line rental altogether saving you a further £12 to £14 per month.snom710



International Services:

We can supply Tooway and SES systems for self installation throughout Europe and parts of North Africa. Please be aware that there is only a limited coverage for Tooway Broadband in Libya, please look at the diagram below showing Libya Tooway coverage: