Satellite Broadband Explained


OrmeSat bringing high speed 4G Mobil Broadband and Tooway/ SES Satellite Broadband into rural areas.

Finally living in a rural area doesn’t mean you have to suffer with a poor Internet connection or in many cases no Internet availability at all. With Tooway and SES Broadband  a fast speed is guaranteed wherever you live and no phone line is needed for it to work.

4g Broadband

Unlike satellite broadband, 4G broadband doesn’t have latency issues, require a huge satellite dish or has to deal with a crowded European satellite network slowing user speeds at peak holidays. It also costs a fraction of what satellite broadband costs per month! 4G broadband is not available to everyone, but coverage in rural areas is improving as more and more 4G transmitters are installed and current mobile transmitters upgraded. With download speeds of up to Mbps and upload speeds of up to Mbps in some areas, it is certainly a credible service to consider.

We usually do a site survey at your property first to determine which 4g network has the strongest signal in your area, we can then submit a quote for equipment and install costs and how much your monthly package is going to cost. Your install will consist of an external 3/4g antenna (see photos) and a 3/4g router with the SIM card inserted.

Satellite broadband

Depending on your chosen package your connection speed will be up to a very zippy 24 Mbps which is considerably faster than most urban areas throughout UK and Europe. The beauty of the Tooway and SES systems is that they use the latest technology which does away with different dish sizes dependent on where you live in Europe. Regardless of whether you live in Eastern Europe or in Western Ireland Tooway and SES Broadband will still give you an excellent signal quality!

Tooway is a subsidiary company of Eutelsat Communications the leading European satellite operator and one of the three top operators in the world for the supply of fixed satellite services. Eutelsat has become an essential source of high performance and flexibility for telecommunications operators and companies in more than 150 countries. Operating via EUTELSAT KA-SAT at 9 degrees East, the new-generation Tooway™ system is a cost-effective way for homes and businesses in rural areas to have access to high speed broadband services.

SES Broadband Services is based in Betzdorf, Luxembourg and is a 100% owned affiliate of SES, a world-leading global satellite operator. SES owns and operates a fleet of 50 geostationary satellites complemented by a network of teleports and offices around the globe, enabling SES customers to reach 99% of the world’s population. SES is listed on Euronext Paris and on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (SESG).

A satellite dish and satellite modem installed for your home or business is all you need, no phone line is necessary for the Tooway System to work. We can also install a router matched to the modem enabling the broadband to work throughout your home or business. If necessary we can fit a router extender allowing your broadband to work over a considerably larger area, an ideal solution which will work building to building or for older properties with extremely thick walls.

A guarantee to you from OrmeSat: 

If you’re worried about ordering Tooway or SES with a 24 month contract because you think fibre optic broadband might still come to your home or office, don’t worry. If at any time in the first 2 years (minimum contract period) you get the ability to connect to fibre optic broadband at the premises where your Tooway is to be installed, if you return the complete Tooway kit (along with all parts in working order) at your own cost, we’ll happily release you from your contract. Please contact us in advance of sending your kit back so we can issue an RMA number (Returned Merchandise Authorisation) and explain the process.*

We’ve recently completed the first stage of installation of the Tooway System for the Shell Island campsite  in North Wales which has stunning views of the unspoiled Welsh countryside, including Cardigan Bay and the Snowdonia National Park, Shell Island is one of Europe’s largest Campsites. When the project is completed the campsite can offer their clients access to a fast reliable WiFi connection via their own equipment.

Before Christmas we were asked to install a Tooway system on a construction site for The London Gateway Project in Essex, it’s a vast site and when completed it will be the largest container handling terminal in Europe.  Six portacabins are being used as offices on site, and as there are no phone lines available we were able to set them up with high speed satellite broadband and WiFi network to cover the office areas. If any other construction companies are interested in getting a fast Internet service which they can move from site to site we would be happy to advise or quote them.

Our latest two jobs were very interesting, they were two dairy farms in mid and South Wales. Both farms were keen to use the excellent CowAlert system by Ice Robotics however the quality of broadband just was’nt good enough through the normal land-line. Now both farms have Tooway Broadband installed and can make full use of this superb new technology which remotely monitors the health and well-being of each individual animal within the herd.