Tooway and SES Broadband Welsh Grant


Welsh Government Broadband Help Scheme to qualify you:

  • 1. Running alongside the super fast scheme. Called Superfast Cymru.

    2. Postcode checker on website.

    3. Only 1 quote  needed.

    4. Site survey should be done prior to quote being submitted.

    5. £400 is the maximum grant.

    7. Anyone can apply now, even larger businesses.

    9. People running a business from home need to apply as a business and not an individual.

    10. WA will cover the cost of the survey.

How it works:

The amount of funding you can receive depends on the speed you require of the new connection:

  1. £400 voucher for 10 Mbps or 20 Mbps service

Firstly you have to fill in the WA application form which you can obtain either by downloading it from this link: application

Any business or household in Wales is eligible for the government subsidy providing they can double their internet speeds with the selected subsidised tariff. People with no internet currently are also eligible. Unlike previous subsidy schemes there are no geographic restrictions, so as long as the premises is in Wales it benefits anyone with slow or no internet.

You will also need just one quote to send off with your application. You can contact us for a quote or ask us for site survey first beforehand, site survey costs are refundable through the grant scheme. It’s important to add that you don’t have to use the cheapest quote either! In the event that our quote  is  the dearest you can still opt to use OrmeSat for your Tooway  or SES Broadband  installation,  you may very well prefer to deal with a local company based in Wales who can be readily on hand if you do have any problems or after sales needs and require a faster level of service.

The application process takes between four to six weeks, and you cannot go ahead with the installation until you receive a letter back from them accepting you for the scheme. Once you are accepted we will install the equipment for you and get you online within a few days. We will invoice Cardiff for the value of your voucher. If you are awarded the £400 voucher, in some instances there could be a shortfall between the voucher value and the invoice which you may have to make up. The maximum available grant is for £800. Please note that our package costs considerably less than this figure.

As with many of our customers you may decide not to bother with the grant process and just buy your system and have it installed straight away, especially if you have a business and need to get online fast. Obviously the Tooway or SES System costs can be offset against your business taxes.

Better Rural Broadband (BDUK) Funding

Superfast subsidised satellite broadband is now available in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Through the scheme you get free hardware and a free professional installation.

Who is eligible?

Europasat are an official partner of the Government’s Basic Broadband for All scheme, which is designed to give access to everyone in the UK with an internet connection of at least 2Mbps by the end of 2015.

If you are based in England or Scotland and have a very slow or non-existent internet connection at the moment, then you may qualify for a subsidy for satellite broadband equipment and installation.

Click here to check your availability.

Eligible postcodes are based on areas that will not receive a fibre connection.

We have a range of tariffs available from various satellite providers meaning we can offer you the best solution possible, regardless of where you are located, right now.

How to apply

  1. Check with your local authority to see if you are eligible. If you are, you should have been sent an eligibility code by your council. If not, double check your eligibility with them or contact us for assistance.
  2. If you are eligible, confirm your choice of tariff and eligibility code with us. We can then progress your order and book your professional installation.

Definitely not eligible?

Speak to us about the current offers we are running.